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Note: This page is for entertainment purposes only. A lot of the links won't work. If there is no news for a certain month, there were no news updates for those months, such as September 2006 to February 2007. The months before August 2006 aren't up yet.



: The final version of the video is up above. We fixed the aspect ratio so the video is now in widescreen, which is what it was shot in. Anyway, enough technical mumbo jumbo, check out the new Blog Entry and the new skit.

I haven't been inspired recently to continue working on my interracial steamy romance novel, but I will soon enough. Also, I'll put up an excerpt from it soon. You know what 'excerpt' means.

03/25/07: NEW VIDEO! NEW CAMCORDER! Yes, there is a new skit right above this very text. Yes, there is a new skit script called Vault Soda, and an extended version (so basically another script). Go to the Script page to read read read.

Also, under the Extras page, the Contact and Links pages are updated. Not that you care, or should care. Or do care. Or will care. Or ever cared.

03/23/07: I'm currently working on an interracial steamy romance novel. It will be awesome.

03/20/07: My computer broke, but I repaired it! By repair, I mean I put in the repair disks that came with the laptop! I'm computer savvy!

But seriously, how sad would you have been if I would have been without a computer and couldn't update Toxic Green for a long time again? How sad? You're mumbling. Vote here.

While stupid people are actually thinking you can vote how sad you would hypothetically be if this site went without updates, read The Terri Schiavo Movie, which is back on the site (I forgot it wasn't linked to anymore). Go to the Words page. It's there.

Also, new Toxic Green blog entry.


New skit scripts also coming soon. I have tonz.

03/09/07: I have a new skit script for you today, entitled Tight End.

P.P.S. Have you read my paper proving global warming doesn't exist yet? It's on the Words page. It's the most deligtfully outrageous thing you've read in three weeks.

03/08/07: The Lord has blessed you with another new skit script. I hope these are tiding you over until the day when we get a new camcorder (soon, soon) and can film stuff. Maybe I'll edit some of the older stuff (we have a ton of footage), but that might feel wrong.

The name of the skit is, you guessed it - Contact.

03/07/07: One more new skit. Just wrote it, it's fresh off the Twinkie conveyer belt. Just kidding, Twinkies are sick! I just disgusted myself, but I'm used to it, so..I don't know, just read the skit already.

The skit's called TV Show Pitches

03/06/07: Um, hi. I have a new favorite video of all time! Click here. It's by some dudes named Pete and Brian.

I wrote some skits a while back, you never saw them, now you are, clicky clicky click. Sadly, none of the skits are as funny as that global warming paper I wrote (see last update).

03/04/07: Hey! Update! I wrote a paper for English class proving global warming doesn't exist. It's a definition argument. It's kind of funny, so you should read it. If you don't have Word or something's wrong with that, read it here.

03/02/07: Six months later...

Toxic Green is back, you can un-kill yourself now. I have a computer now so I smell regular updates coming in the future. I have several new skits written that will be added in the next few days. We still don't have a camcorder, but with the way things have been going, one will probably drop out of the sky into my waiting, recieving arms.

P.S. Toxic Green is sorry it was gone, it was listening to just a dash too much of Dashboard Confessional and Death Cab for Cutie. You can rest assured I'll find a good balance between updating and emo music.



: I'm back from vacation, with a eerily similar update for you as the last one. The rest of the skits are back up on the script page and the rest of the videos have been added to YouTube.

08/19/06: A lot of the skits are back up on the script page, a new blog entry is up, and a ton of videos are back up....on YouTube. Boy, am I tired.

08/18/06: Everything around you has changed. Like, for instance, the index page. For example, the skits page. I.E., the videos page. Just look around.

08/15/06: The Extras page sure is shaping up, wouldn't you say so?

08/14/06: I didn't say anything about a new enter image and a few other nonsignificant, miniscule updates to the site, YOU did.

P.S. Aren't you glad the site's back up? Life's just not the same without daily local funniness, you know?!? Seriously.

08/13/06: The site is back up. You can watch our three newest videos: Emo Kid, History Freak, and the brand-new Sparky's Office Supplies on the Videos page.

The site is under construction, so don't be scared if you find some dead links and a lot of missing content or something.

Check back soon.

Love you.

Hope you're having a safe summer! <3



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